Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sign from the Goddess

I came across a Devi mantra in May 2016. In two weeks' time I byhearted the mantra. During June we made a trip to Padubelle and stayed in a friend's house. He took us to a very ancient Durga temple neartby. When I set my eyes on the idol, I got the message that the mantra was from her, for her. Standing there, I chanted the mantra.

From Padubelle we went to Coorg to another friend's place. On the next day I woke up at 3 am, totally fresh. I sat on the bed and chanted the new Devi mantra for an hour. When I chanted the last words of the mantra, 'Jago Ma', it was with intense feeling from the depth of the heart , inviting  Ma to awaken in me.

Next day my friend requested a healing from me and I gave her a silent healing. While ending the healing, I chanted the  Devi mantra. She told me that she felt absolutely light and peaceful. Initially she felt heaviness in the chest, felt herself shrinking and shrinking, to become a point. Then the expansion started, she felt one with the Universe in the final stage. Her breathing quickened at first, then turned to deep and long breaths.

At the end she saw a female face, which looked divine. The eyes were large and powerful, and there was a big bindi on the forehead. I told her it was the face of Durga and I had chanted the mantra. She was so impressed that she wanted to learn the mantra.It was an indication that Devi was awakened in me and got projected onto my friend when I chanted the mantra. 

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