Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Death - The Journey Back Home

In anticipation

When we look at life, it is seen that we are always living in anticipation of something to happen in the future. As a kid, one waits for the day of joining school, once in school, waiting for the day in college, then for the day of first salary. This is followed by the dream of marrying, having kids, then their education and them standing on their feet, their marriage, grand kids. I often wonder why nobody is waiting for the day of returning ‘Home”, or, if I may say that, the day one is going to die.

Our real home

Earth is not our real home. We have come to this earth school to learn some lessons, that too some tough lessons, and progress on our path. We are all souls having a human experience. When the lessons for one life time has completed, we need to go back, have a resting period, rejuvenate, plan for the next life time, choose our body, place of birth, parents, life experiences, and start over again.

This may not seem true to many, but for me, it is all experiential. I have seen many of my past lives, experienced going through the death process of those lives, and the joy of returning to the Real Home, being welcomed by the soul group members.

It is interesting that not only have I experienced myself, but multiple clients have narrated similar stories when I take them through their past lives.

Death is just a transition

For a new beginning, there has to be an end preceding that. Death is not the opposite of life, but a prelude to life.

Once we acknowledge ourselves as souls and not this human body, it is easier to see death from a different perspective. Plato had defined death as the end of a terrestrial life and access to an ideal world.

In the soul state, we are ‘Sat Chit Ananda’, which means ‘Truth (Existence) Consciousness Bliss’. When we enter a human body, we become limited, in physical movement, in thinking and actions. Just watch a new born baby and you can clearly visualise how it is getting used to being restricted in the body.

You decide the time of death

Once you are born, the most definite truth facing you is the death. Time of death is decided at the time of birth, by your higher self. Humans (doctors) have absolutely no role in delaying death. Many people get a premonition of death a few days beforehand. If they are cognizant of the impermanence of the physical body, they will ease off, and participate in the death process. Instead, if one gets petrified of death and try to cling on to life, and believe that doctors can prolong their life, they will go for the most expensive diagnostic tests and treatment that they can afford.

The body is poked, punctured, needled, intense radiations passed through, put on ventilator, all this done in a scary, lonely environment. I wonder whether the soul gets tormented on seeing all this, with the confusion why the humans don’t allow a graceful, peaceful death to their fellow beings!

Imagine a granny sitting on her rocking chair, knowing that the time for her to leave has come. Her eyes are filled with love when she looks at her loved ones, sipping the soup that is lovingly prepared for her. Her good wishes and prayers are emanating around, spreading in the house and reaching the dear ones. And as her soul leaves, her further journey is mostly smooth.

On the other hand, another the soul watches its weak, shrivelled helpless body, with the dead brain, being tormented, pumped up by the ventilator. Finally when the ventilator is disconnected and the body declared dead, it is anybody’s guess how the onward journey of the soul is going to be.

You decide the quality of your life

Though the time of death is decided by your higher self and your conscious mind won’t know this till the last days, the quality of your life is decided by your thoughts and actions. Health has to be taken as a high priority right from the beginning. My heart aches when I see the overweight, sedentary, electronic devices addicted children around. A healthy life style has to be followed by the parents so that the children follow the same.

One should know that the human body is a wonderful healing machine and when the healing is delayed or not happening, it is because of the thought waves that are percolating the mind. Instead of correcting the mental activity people prefer to hand over the responsibility of bringing back wellness to the doctors. I am not talking of the emergency situations in life, when doctors are of definite help.

Learn to live

If one can learn to live properly, the satisfaction of having lived a full life can bring in a curiosity to the life ahead after death and they can be active participants in the transition. They won’t be shrinking in horror and clinging onto the hope to live longer! 


  1. आशा/ निराशा जीवन का कारण है। इनको छोड़ना ही मुक्ति है।आत्मा सदैव शरीर युक्त रहती है। स्थूल शरीर का त्याग मृत्यु है पर सूक्ष्म शरीर आत्मा के साथ निकलता है स्थूल से । नए स्थूल में प्रवेश हेतु। म्रत्यु के तुरंत बाद जन्म हो किसी भी योनि में या करोड़ों साल बाद हो ये कर्म पर निर्भर है। प्रलय में आत्मा सूक्ष्म शरीर भी छोड़ कर शुद्ध ब्रह्म में लीन होती है।क्योंकि तब प्रकृति का व सब गुणों का भी नाश हो जाता है। लेकिन फिर सृष्टि होने पर जन्म होता है अगर मुक्ति न हुई तो। मुक्त आत्मा क्रीड़ा करने को स्वेच्छा से जन्म ले सकती हैं तब मृत्यु भी स्वेछा से ही होती है। ऐसी जीवात्माओं के सारे कर्म निष्काम होते है। अक्सर ये परमेश्वर के अवतार के साथ उनकी लीला का हिस्सा बनने को आते हैं।हम अपना अगला जन्म तय नही कर सकते हैं क्योंकि वह कर्म फल द्वारा पूर्व निश्चित हो जाता है। मस्तिष्क में पूर्व जन्मों की memory नही हो सकती है।

  2. Such a fine article should be shared widely. I'd like to put a limk to it on my website. I love your closing paragraph dear Rani. 🙏 Jacqueline